HP E24 G5 FHD 23.8-inch Monitor type testing complete

We are pleased to confirm that we have now completed marine type approval testing on the new HP E24 G5 FHD 23.8-inch Monitor (6N6E9AA).

We will shortly be submitting the final test reports to the Classification Societies so that they can process our type approval application and issue their final certificates.

HP E24 G5 FHD 23.8-inch Monitor (6N6E9AA) - 16:9 aspect ratio

A new range of supporting Mariner Kits will be launched following successful completion of the required type testing:-

MS1730 - Desk-mount

MS1735 - Wall-mount

MS1740 - Console-mount

Please visit the PRODUCT page of our website for more details on our range of supporting Mariner Kits.


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