MS1620 - HP E23 G4 (16:9) FHD 23-inch Monitor - Console-mount kit

HP E23 G4 (16:9) FHD 23-inch monitor with MS1620 Mariner Kit

The MS1620 Mariner kit enables you to fix the HP E23 G4 (16:9) FHD 23-inch Monitor into a console or rack.

The MS1620 Mariner Kit is supplied without the monitor so that you can install the HP E23 G4 (16:9) FHD 23-inch monitor locally. Full assembly instructions are supplied with each kit dispatched.

Alternatively, we can pre-install the HP E23 G4 (16:9) FHD 23-inch monitor into the MS1620 Mariner Kit for you prior to dispatch. This means that you can drop the assembly into your console / rack straight out of the box. Please note that there is an installation charge for this service - contact us for details.

Please note that the although the HP monitor does retain its standard functionality we do not offer an automatic dimming function and it can not therefore be used in the front of the bridge where it may affect night vision. However, the monitor can be used in any area where night vision is not an issue.


Use in conjunction with

HP E23 G4 (16:9) FHD 23-inch Monitor 9VF96AA 9VF96AT    

Mariner Kit

Mariner kit weight (incl packaging)


Overall fitted dimensions (maximum)

610mm (w) x 410mm (h) x 104mm (d)


Click here for the MS1620 product datasheet (pdf) - WHEN AVAILABLE

Click here for the MS1620 assembly drawing (pdf)

Click here for the MS1620 console cut-out drawing (pdf)

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Notes: In order to conform with the relevant Marine Classification Societies’ requirements the Mariner Kit MUST be used and assembled in accordance with the assembly drawing and items list included in the Customer Information pack included with each Mariner kit.


Warranties: All Mariner kits have a three year warranty from the date of purchase and will be replaced FREE OF CHARGE by Mariner Systems (UK) Ltd. should you experience any problem with your Mariner kit during this period.The standard Hewlett-Packard warranty conditions apply to the hardware.

For technical support please contact your local HP Customer Support Centre or HP dealer. Please visit the HP website at for further details.

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