HP E23 G4 23-inch (16:9) FHD Monitor type testing

We are pleased to confirm that we have started marine type approval testing on the new HP E23 G4 23-inch (16:9) FHD Monitor (9VF96AA/T).

The HP E23 G4 FHD Monitor is a direct replacement for the previous HP EliteDisplay E233 23-inch Monitor (1FH46AA/T).

We expect the type testing to complete in early March.

HP E23 G4 23-inch FHD Monitor (9VF96AA/T) - 16:9 aspect ratio

A new range of supporting Mariner Kits will be available for customer orders when we have completed the required type testing:-

MS1610 - Desk-mount

MS1615 - Wall-mount

MS1620 - Console-mount

Please visit the PRODUCT page of our website for more details on our range of supporting Mariner Kits.


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